Worldly Socialite Haya Maraka’s Elegant Etiquette Tips For The Modern Lady –

Worldly Socialite Haya Maraka’s Elegant Etiquette Tips For The Modern Lady –

Style doesn’t always beget sophistication, and vice versa. But in the case of Haya Maraka, she’s bursting with both.

A force in the fashion world since the age of seventeen, the luxury stylist, influencer and author is a portrait of a lady, painted with a delightful cheeky wink. Having spent her life swanning about the globe, Haya’s jet set course has landed her in the world’s most elegant cities. 

Curious how she’s managed to fit in and stand out in the most enviable of environments? Well, looking stylish is just the start – one must also behave stylishly.

Easily set apart in even the most distinguished crowd by her refreshing mix of old world manners and modern day attitude, Haya’s laid her fashion and etiquette secrets bare in her recently published book, A Lady Knows: Modes And Manners – the ultimate guide for any woman looking to curate her signature look, embrace her most elegant self, and polish her poise. 

Where did you learn your impeccable manners?
I am the last person to claim that I have impeccable manners. I am known for being a little outspoken, but what I really want to portray for young ladies today is, yes, it’s great to move forward into the future, but don’t forget all the values, lessons and traditions of the past. The original foundation, and being more aware of your surroundings. Society has almost made it hard for women to be women today, living in a more rushed way, instead of taking time, grooming, caring for themselves and others. Especially in the historical times we are living in today, being a little more aware, polite and kind may appear like a small gesture but make a tremendous difference. Like a smile or even sharing your hand sanitizer.

What’s one rule that’s made to be broken?
The only rule that you should not break is to follow your heart. You feel first, then you think, then you act. Everything is triggered by emotion. 

What’s one rule you live by?
The more rules the more fools. Life is made for living first and foremost. LIVE LIVE LIVE!

What’s one thing you would never wear, regardless of the occasion?
A sparkly leopard dress. As much as I love the idea of an elegant leopard print, it just looks tacky on me personally. Although I have seen a lot of women pull it off. 

Any party pet peeves?
I don’t want to say too much as I encourage you to purchase my book and see more for yourself on just how a lady entertains and is entertained. But I would say a pet peeve is someone who cannot handle their liquor and becomes obnoxious or rude to other guests. Or someone who made other guests really uncomfortable – creating unnecessary drama is rude. Overstaying your welcome is another one.

What’s the biggest dining faux-pas you see most often?
Everybody with there necks down, shoulders slouching and on there phone the ENTIRE meal (almost).  

What’s your best advice for navigating the dating scene?
The dating scene …….


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